UCSF Ophthalmology Residency Research Curriculum


The UCSF Ophthalmology research curriculum is designed to give residents the epidemiological and biostatistical tools that they need to become productive members of the research community. Over the year-long course, residents will receive instruction in study design, parametric and non-parametric statistical methodology, and data presentation. In addition, residents will receive instruction in R programming. These lectures are incorporated into the instructional curriculum for the UCSF Ophthalmology Residency program, and occur on Thursday of every week during the academic year, which runs from September to June.

The capstone project of the curriculum is the performing a clinical, translational or basic science resident research project. Residents will progress from project conception to design to completion with the help from a faculty mentor. These projects are presented as part of the annual Alexander Irvine Resident’s Day each May.



Residents meet with potential mentors, determine area of interest

Research Workshop Day – an all-day lecture series on the basics of study design and introduction to statistics.


Residents develop research proposals

Meet with faculty epidemiologist, Dr. Ben Arnold

Residents present project proposals to a panel of faculty and the department chairperson.

September to December

​Epidemiology lecture series (see resident lecture schedule)

​R programming modules (see resident lecture schedule for assignments)

​Perform research projects


​Mid-year project review with Dr. Arnold and Dr. Schallhorn

January to April

Epidemiology lecture series

​R programming modules

Perform research projects


​Alexander Irvine Residents Day


Residents are required to read the Lancet epidemiology series, available on the UCSF Ophthalmology Residency Box site.

Residents conducting clinical trials are required to read Designing Clinical Research by Stephen B. Hulley, MD, MPH et al. Wolters Kluwer. 4th Edition. 2013. UCSF library call number: R853.C55 D47


The resident research curriculum is overseen by Dr. Julie Schallhorn, Associate Residency Program Director. Dr. Benjamin Arnold provides epidemiology mentorship. All residents are asked to select an additional faculty member who is specialized in their area of research interest