K12 Program Overview and Objectives:



Immediate Objectives:


The immediate objectives are to provide career development and research experiences to enable Scholars to:
1. Understand and implement in-depth, rigorous, high-quality scientific research
2. Expand their knowledge of their particular discipline’s research principles, concepts, and methods
3. Gain intensive experience in conducting state-of-the-art research in the vision sciences
4. Craft novel, important questions and develop techniques to answer them
5. Gain proficiency in grant preparation and manuscript writing
6. Collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment
7. Recognize and implement ethical issues in research and conduct responsible research
8. Enjoy research!

Long-term Objectives:

The long-term objectives are to develop independent investigators in vision research who will:
1. Develop independent vision sciences research programs, completing seminal investigations that will have a lasting impact on the field and improve human health
2. Develop their own mentoring skills and stimulate young colleagues to become productive and independent academic researchers in the future
3. Excel as national and international leaders