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NIH P30 – Core Grant For Vision Research

The broad objective of this NEI Center Core Grant for Vision Research is to facilitate study of the structure, development and function of the visual system in health and in blinding diseases, with the aim of preventing, mitigating or curing such diseases, or the restoration of lost vision, through the application of the most sophisticated available techniques. Four resource and service Cores will help achieve the broad objective, as follows:



Assistant Director

Technician Manager

I. Image Analysis and Graphics:
3D image analysis software including Imaris, Amira, and custom-built Matlab apps ObjectFinder and VolumeCut; production of graphics for data analysis, presentation and publication.

Aparna Lakkaraju

David Copenhagen

Suling Wang
(415) 514-0679

II. Morphology Resource Core:
Provides services in histology, confocal and bright field microscopy, visual functional testing and ocular imaging, plus equipment usage, and assistance with planning and organization of morphological studies.
Douglas Gould Saidas Nair Yien-Ming Kuo (Ph.D)
(415) 309-0473

III. Computer/IT Support Core:
assistance in computer and information technology hardware and software selection, installation, instruction in use, maintenance and minor repairs, networking, and programming for custom research needs.

Jonathan Horton
Erik Ullian

Tommy Gentry

IV. Rapid-Prototyping and Design Core:
Prototyping workshop (3D printing, machining, and basic electronics capabilities), engineering tutorials and consulting for specialized research instruments and devices.

Michael Stryker
Eric Lam

Eric Lam (Ph.D)



If more details are needed, please contact the Technician Managers.


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