Ari Green, MD



Understanding multiple sclerosis (MS) and related disorders

Division Chief of one of the largest Neuroimmunology research groups in the world, Dr. Green is dedicated to understanding multiple sclerosis and related disorders. The Green lab is particularly interested in developing means of harnessing glial biology to help repair damage to the central nervous system and in measuring this repair using vision-based metrics with an enhanced understanding of the visual system. His team has developed and optimized methods for performing visual evoked potentials and electroretinography in rodents and tools for determining the cellular and molecular basis of the signals detected. Also, he led the clinical translational team dedicated to the development of small molecules capable of remyelination and independently led the first successful clinical trial for remyelination in the setting of chronic injury in MS. He has mentored 19 postdoctoral fellows, 4 visiting fellows/faculty, 31 medical students and 10 specialists to careers in Medicine or lab research. He committed to mentoring residents and medical students with an interest in Neurology, Neuro-immunology, and Neuro-ophthalmology. He is helping to mentor junior faculty with an interest in careers in translational science and works closely with partners and colleagues from the basic sciences to cultivate a mentorship program. The Green lab will provide opportunities for Scholars with an interest in translational vision sciences, visual system injury and repair, and clinical trials work.


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Research Areas:

Neuro-Ophthalmology, Multiple Sclerosis, Visual System Function in Adults
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