Ying Han, MD, PhD



Novel Microfluidic Meshworks for Use in Glaucoma Drainage Implants

Dr. Han, Professor of Ophthalmology, Co-Director of the Glaucoma service, and Glaucoma Fellowship Director, is a glaucoma specialist whose research addresses the need for improved and fibrosis-free surgical implants for glaucoma. In collaboration with bioengineers and material sciences, she leads NIH-funded work developing novel microfluidic meshworks for use in glaucoma drainage implants. In addition, she has organized a multicenter international RCT to examine the role of intra- and postoperative mitomycin-C for use with Ahmed glaucoma valves. Other projects include integrated wireless microactuators for fibrosis control in glaucoma drainage devices and microfluidic contact lens sensors for intraocular pressure monitoring.


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