Xin Duan, PhD

Associate Professor


The molecular and cellular basis of neural circuit wiring and rewiring

The Duan lab’s goal is to reconstruct neural circuits and restore normal function in the setting of neuronal injury. Trainees will develop skills in imaging using confocal microscopy, adeno-associated virus (AAV) production, CRISPR mutagenesis, performing mouse ocular injections, isolating of retinal neurons for RNASeq, and measuring the functional properties of retinal ganglion cells through patch clamp retinal electrophysiology. He has mentored 4 postdoctoral fellows, 3 graduate students, 1 medical student, 10 summer students and undergraduate students and 2 visiting international scholars. Drs Duan and Dunn were awarded the 2017-18 Weill Trailblazer award to collaborate on how the retina “talks” to the brain. Scholars interested in circuit assembly and neuronal repair in the central nervous system will find opportunities in the Duan lab.


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Research Areas:

Retina or Retinal Diseases, Visual System Development, Glaucoma
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