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Research Team


Cathy Sun, MD

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sun is a glaucoma specialist and clinician-scientist whose research focuses on big data and pragmatic clinical trials to enhance the diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma and other ocular conditions. Her interests involve utilizing electronic health records and natural language processing to study clinical outcomes, building and implementing clinical decision support software, and prediction modeling of ocular diseases.

Sean Yonanime, MPH

Post-baccalaureate Scholar
Former Research Analyst

Sean Yonamine is interested in leveraging natural language processing and machine learning methods on electronic medical record data to enhance ocular disease detection.

Vivian Qin, MD

Glaucoma Fellow, UCSF

Vivian is interested in using electronic health record data to understand the rates of infection following tonometry measurement in clinic and the risk factors for acute angle closure attacks in the US.

Evan Chen, MD

Resident, UCSF

Evan Chen is currently an ophthalmology resident at UCSF. He is passionate about big data analysis and his previous work has focused on improving healthcare delivery using insights from claims databases. He is specifically interested in identifying changing practice patterns in glaucoma management over time.

Iris Kim, BA

Research Data Analyst

Iris is interested in using electronic health record data to understand and research diabetic retinopathy and other ocular diseases.


Ritika Batte, BA

Graduate Student

Ritika is interested in using electronic health record data to identify incident glaucoma cases, aiming to improve the precision of treatment protocols.


Jocelyn Liu, BA

Medical Student

Jocelyn is currently a medical student at UCSF. She is interested in leveraging clinical data registries along with primary data to understand practice patterns in glaucoma treatment.


Lab Alumni:


Ivan Copado, MPH – Ophthalmology resident, UC Davis
Yian Guo, MS – Data Scientist, Sutter Health
Frank Ma, MD, PhD – Surgical Retina Fellow, University of Illinois Chicago