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Eyes of Amhara

Battling Blindness in East Africa
Acclaimed film producer and director Neil Riha’s Eyes of Amhara, a 2020 documentary recently released on Amazon Prime Video, explores the history of a potentially blinding bacterial infection called trachoma. The film follows doctors Jeremy Keenan, MD, MPH; Michael Seider, MD; Sun Cotter, MPH; Nicole Stroller, MPH; and Tom Lietman, MD, from the Francis I. Proctor Foundation and Orbis International (an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to saving sight) as they fight to eliminate trachoma in East Africa. A “disease of poverty,” trachoma can have devastating effects, not only on those afflicted, but their families as well.

Journeying from San Francisco to rural Ethiopia, the brilliant medical knowledge and heartfelt care of these doctors brings unexpected results to light as they strive to positively impact not only individual lives, but the world at large.


A moving documentary about doctors battling blindness in East Africa


Eyes of Amhara was funded through generous donations to That Man May See. You can help Director Riha finish a sequel, A Vision of the Mountains, featuring Proctor’s work in the foothills of the Himalayas, by making a donation today:

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