Neeti Parikh, MD

Assistant Professor


Medical Education Research

Dr. Parikh is interested and involved with medical education research, specifically dealing with the field of ophthalmology, both in undergraduate and graduate medical education.  She has been involved in research revolving around the use and efficacy of a remote wet lab for ophthalmology resident microsurgical education.  Dr. Parikh also developed a project to evaluate the impact of an ophthalmic microsurgery lab on medical student understanding and comfort in microsurgery, and motivation and interest in ophthalmology.  Other current and future projects include the effectiveness and reach of a virtual ophthalmology elective as an avenue for career exploration for medical students, the effects of early mentorship for medical students interested in ophthalmology, and the development of a general and specialty specific health equity curriculum for ophthalmology residents.


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Research Areas:

Cataract, Dry Eye, Education
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