Felice Dunn, PhD

Associate Professor


Mechanisms of the anatomical and functional changes to the retina following photoreceptor loss

The Dunn lab aims to advance understanding of retinal synaptogenesis and signal pathway regulation that could enable future therapies directed against loss of primary sensory neurons. Our lab currently has projects directed to accomplish the following goals:

1. To determine how specific connections are established at the visual system’s first synapse
2. To determine how rod vs. cone signals are independently regulated within the retinal circuit.
3. Identify the extent and sites of compensation within the retinal circuitry following partial photoreceptor loss.
4. Determine the contributions of partial stimulation, adaptation, and homeostatic plasticity to retinal responses following partial photoreceptor loss.
5. To determine the degree of input loss that induces constructive vs. destructive structural and functional changes within the retinal circuit.


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Research Areas:

Retina or Retinal Diseases, Visual System Development
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