Erik Ullian, PhD



Synapse Formation and Function in the Visual System

Dr. Ullian, Professor of Ophthalmology, studies molecular mechanisms that regulate synapse formation and function in the visual system. He has used cell culture systems to screen for genes and small RNAs that impact synaptic transmission. His laboratory has identified the miRNA pathway as an important regulator of a variety of neuronal and synaptic processes relevant to visual system development. The Ullian lab is also studying the interactions between neurons and glia that are required for proper development and function of the nervous system. He is developing astrocyte, neuron, and microglial 3D organoids to model key aspects of neurodegenerative diseases. In addition to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, Dr. Ullian has mentored K awardees, including Dr. Yvonne Ou. Scholars who are interested in the interactions of neurons and glia in the visual system will be interested in the Ullian lab.


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Research Areas:

Visual System Development, Retina or Retinal Diseases, Stem Cell Research
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