A Dream Realized

Inside UCSF Ophthalmology’s New Home


Making It Official

After nearly a decade – from the initial plans to bring the Department of Ophthalmology and the Francis I. Proctor Foundation together on the Mission Bay Campus to the recent completion of the new core facility – the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision is making an impact.

The Center, which, along with research, teaching, surgical, and administration facilites, houses the world-class Koret and Proctor Foundation clinics, began to see patients in the new Mission Bay location in October 2020. Due to COVID-19, stringent safety guidelines were implemented and the official virtual Opening Celebration was delayed until February 18, 2021.

“Our new center provides the platform for continually advancing ophthalmology, further transforming the field, empowering UCSF leaders, researchers, clinicians, residents, fellows, and students to tackle enormous challenges ahead through innovation and collaboration that Mission Bay colleagues inspire,” said Kathleen Rydar, President Emerita of That Man May See.

UCSF Chancellor Sam Hawgood, MBBS, acknowledged the Wayne and Gladys Valley Foundation “for its generosity and foresight in the creation of this building, which will help to advance the groundbreaking work of all those who call it home. Your tireless commitment to improving vision treatments and care for all those in our communities is nothing short of inspiring.”

Dr. Hawgood went on to recognize Department Chair Stephen McLeod, MD, for “his remarkable leadership of the Department of Ophthalmology, as well as all of the faculty and staff, whose work every single day impacts the lives of our patients and their families. They embody our commitment, redefining possible with their passion and dedication to improving vision and eye health for all. […] I would like to thank the many leaders on our faculty, staff, and the UCSF Capital Projects team for their important role in the planning, design, and construction of this building and the dedicated team at That Man May See for their partnership and commitment to this project. Each of you has helped to make possible this transformational facility which holds tremendous promise for discovery and for healing countless patients in our care.”

Additional recognition goes to the contributions of UCSF Events Director Mary Hoffman; UCSF Events Manager Liz Purdy; Vice President of the UCSF Foundation and UCSF Vice Chancellor of University Development and Alumni Relations Jennifer Arnett; and the Board of Directors of That Man May See.


Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision
The Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision; an exam room; the Joan and David Traitel Lounge; the Tom and Yvonne Mazzocco Surgical Laboratory.

Under One Roof

For many years, UCSF eye care programs were in multiple locations throughout San Francisco. Now research scientists and physicians across a wide spectrum of vision- and eye-related disciplines have been brought together at UCSF’s Mission Bay campus with many more to follow. This will facilitate coordinated patient care and extend the boundaries of scientific discovery.

“The Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision supports instrumental collaboration between some of the most brilliant minds combating visual disease today and delivers on our commitment to transforming lives,” said Dr. McLeod.

The new home for UCSF Ophthalmology owes its creation to the commitment and generosity of patients, physicians, and donors, and will bring hope to those impacted by vision complications around the world.

“The transcendent beauty of true philanthropy,” said University of California President Michael Drake, MD, “is that your contributions will be a gift to people far and wide for generations to come – people you will never know, but whose lives will be better because of you.”

“The cutting-edge research that will be accomplished here and the care our experts provide will impact the quality of life for countless individuals of all ages for years to come…” – Deborah Chesky, That Man May See President

The Patient Experience

Access to renowned ophthalmologists, surgeons, optometrists, and scientists has been expanded to facilitate more of the community through 80 patient care rooms and over 45,000 square feet of clinic space. The Wayne and Gladys Valley Center for Vision has been designed with visually impaired visitors’ needs in mind, providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all who come through its doors. Function, equity, and comfort were all carefully incorporated by the architects.

Set to welcome more than 160,000 patient visits a year, the Wayne and Gladys Valley Center will offer eye care ranging from routine to complex and multidisciplinary specialty care services. This includes advanced cataract and corneal surgery, complex glaucoma, ocular inflammatory disease, orbital disease and eye tumors, challenging retinal disorders, and neuro-ophthalmological conditions facilitated by the latest therapeutic and diagnostic equipment.

“The cutting-edge research that will be accomplished here and the care our experts provide will impact the quality of life for countless individuals of all ages for years to come,” said Mrs. Chesky. “Our faculty members and alumni are truly poised to save sight and to save lives.”

On February 18, 2021, so many helped us celebrate the opening of The Center. Thank you.

This special virtual event featured remarks by University of California President Michael Drake, MD; UCSF Chancellor and Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor Sam Hawgood, MBBS; Dean of the School of Medicine and Vice Chancellor of Medical Affairs Talmadge E. King, Jr., MD; Chair of UCSF Ophthalmology Department and Theresa M. and Wayne M. Caygill, MD, Distinguished Professor and Chair Stephen D. McLeod, MD; That Man May See President Deborah Chesky, President Emerita Kathleen Rydar, and Chair of the Board John de Benedetti. It also included a tour of the Valley Center, led by Dr. McLeod.

Special guests at the live event which followed the virtual opening celebration, included Dr. Michael Drake, Chancellor Sam Hawgood, Dr. Talmadge King, Michael Desler, Dr. Stephen McLeod, Ruth Hoffman, Ron Conway, Dr. David and Victoria Chang, Don and Judy McCubbin, John de Benedetti and Nina Srejovic, Tom and Johanna Baruch, Lily Huang, John Stock, John Rohal, Pat and Phil Jelley; Drs. Tom and Chihori Lietman; Kathleen Rydar; and Deborah Chesky.

View the Opening Celebration online: https://www.thatmanmaysee.org/valley-opening

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