There Is Only One…Residents Class of 2020!

This year’s new residents held concurrent internships in UCSF General Surgery over the past year, working with a range of surgical specialists and building a tight-knit cohort.

Residents pictured from left to right:

1. Neel Dave Pasricha, MD
MD: Duke University
College: Johns Hopkins University, BA
Birthplace: New Delhi, India

2 Jonathan Li, MD
MD: University of Pennsylvania
College: Princeton University, BA
Birthplace: Madison, WI

3 Frances Wu, MD
MD: University of California, San Diego
College: Harvard University, BA
Birthplace: Austin, TX

4. Lesley Everett, MD, PhD
MPhil: University of Cambridge, Epidemiology
MD and PhD: University of Michigan, Human Genetics
Birthplace: Redmond, WA

5 Bethlehem Dessalegn Mekonnen, MD
MD: Yale University
College: Meredith College, BS, BA
Birthplace: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia