New Endowed Professorship Awarded – Michele Bloomer, MD

Michele Bloomer, MD, has been honored as first holder of a new endowed professorship – the Michael J. Hogan, MD, and Andrew Yau Chair in Ophthalmic Pathology at UCSF. Philanthropists Andrew and Cecilia Yau of Bangkok were joined in funding the chair by UCSF Ophthalmology faculty and residency program alumni.

Dr. Michael Hogan was a pioneer in eye pathology, distinguished chair of the Department of Ophthalmology, and first director of the Francis I. Proctor Foundation for Research in Ophthalmology. Gifts from UCSF Ophthalmology professors and alumni honor Dr. Hogan’s accomplishments, mentorship, and humanity.

From Bangkok with Love

“I hope this chair will be helpful to improve vision research and vision care,” says Mr. Yau. “I well understand the fear and worries of those suffering from diseases of the eye and want to provide comfort and hope.”

With gratitude for UCSF Ophthalmology, Mr. Yau funded the Thomas W. Boyden Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology in 2003. Stability bestowed by endowments allow the faculty to provide leading-edge patient care, research, community service, and education to develop future leaders.

“I am grateful to the Yaus and all those who supported creation of this professorship.” – Dr. Michele Bloomer

Outstanding Pathologist and Mentor

“I am grateful to the Yaus and all those who supported creation of this professorship,” says Dr. Bloomer. “Pathology is my first love, and Dr. Hogan’s textbook remains a favorite.” As director of one of the world’s top eye pathology laboratories, Dr. Bloomer consults with ophthalmologists across the country to diagnose complex and unusual eye diseases.

In mentoring residents, Dr. Bloomer shares her commitment to pathology and hopes to spark excitement in younger doctors. She also teaches gratitude for high quality vision care and invites residents to join her on medical missions to Guatemala.


That Man May See thanks major donors Andrew and Cecilia Yau and Drs. Alex Zaffaroni, Devron Char, William Hoyt, Brooks Crawford, Buck Hoyle, Steve Turner, Jim Dowling, James Eggert, Alex Irvine, Ott Jones, Robert Naser, and Jack Whitcher.