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UCSF Ophthalmology comes to the East Bay

Just two days after Joey Hsia, MD, prescribed new eye drops, 82-year-old Marcia Davison turned to a friend. “I have big news: I can read again.”


Double Teaming

Marcia had arrived at UCSF seeking help with complications from a previous glaucoma surgery. Her UCSF specialists have worked very closely with her for more than two years, sometimes meeting twice weekly to find solutions for her fragile sight.

Ying Han, MD, and Dr. Hsia were right there with me,” she remembers. “They had major discussions about the unique factors in my case, and feel I have a relationship with them. They really went beyond my expectations.” Marcia’s husband Dick has done the driving since his wife’s glaucoma grew worse. In rush hour traffic, their return from San Francisco to Walnut Creek could take three hours.

East Bay Clinic Opens

The Davisons are thrilled that Dr. Hsia now can treat Marcia at a new site in southwest Berkeley. The John Muir Health and UCSF Health Berkeley Outpatient Center brings together primary and specialty care by UCSF ophthalmologists in collaboration with the UC Berkeley School of Optometry and John Muir Health physicians. The goal is to deliver high-quality comprehensive care for patients in the East Bay and beyond. “Dr. Hsia and Dr. Han are still my UCSF glaucoma specialists, and we’re making progress,” Marcia says. “It’s the same expertise, but closer to home. I am so pleased.”

John Muir Health and UCSF Health Berkeley Outpatient Center
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Optometry, comprehensive ophthalmology, glaucoma, and retina services now available
Neuro-ophthalmology and cornea services coming soon!